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The NHL, NHLPA on Sunday 6th 2012, agreed on a tentative deal on a new CBA after 16 hours of non stop negotiations with help of a mediator. With the NHL losing more than half of the season already due to the lockout its 4th one since the 1992-1993. A quick look at what the new CBA will consistent off and quick reaction of how teams will handle the season.

  • A 10 year CBA with a opt of clause after 8 years, guaranteed to be hockey until 2020 minimum.
  • Contract lengths will be 8 years if you are resigning your own players, 7 years if you are trying to sign free agents.
  • Revenue sharing will be split 50/50 between the NHL/NHLPA just like the NBA, NFL.
  • Salary cap will be $64.3 million with a cap floor of $44 million.
  • Teams will be able to buyout two contracts, but won’t take a cap hit for it.

As NHL fans rejoice the return of the National Hockey League, some will stay away from the game they’ve enjoyed over the years with most coming back but the NHL will have to try and repair the damages that have been caused as Baseball well knows when it locked out its players, the fans weren’t very forgiving and it took a while for the fans to come back to the arenas and buying merchandise.

The NHL begin training camps this week beginning from Wednesday, its going to be interesting in what shape the players will be in, 30% or so of players will be in good shape as they come back from playing in Europe, AHL and ECHL, majority of players will need to get into game shape quickly with the season expected to begin either 15th or 19th of January with the season consisting of 48 or 50 games, with the league beginning in a short amount of time and with the number of games being played over a short period of time the number of injuries or fitness issues will come into play for the all teams and how they will manage the situation like the NBA many coaches decided to give the older players nights off from games to allow them to recover and stay healthier for the back end of the season, we could see many coaches giving players off when they go on long road trips or travelling to the West Coast.

With 48 or 50 games being played, every game will count as much as the next but how coaches handle it will be the most important thing, this is where you’ll find out the difference between the good and bad teams, I’m looking forward to the NHL returning but some will choose to ignore the NHL this season after seeing another lockout.

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