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This my Mock Draft V2, updated from November.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

Geno Smith QB, WVU


The Chiefs need a Quarterback, Cassel hasn’t worked out for the Chiefs, with a new GM, HC in Andy Reid. The new regime will move on from the current Quarterbacks on the roster who have shown enough . Geno Smith was lights out in his first 5-6 games of the season, second half of the season he struggled but has shown enough over the last few years that he can be starting Quarterback in the league.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars

Star Lotulelei, (DT, Utah)

Jaguars have hired a new HC who is defensive minded in Gus Bradley. The Jaguars really struggled  on defence where they weren’t able to generate enough pressure on the QB, what made it worse is that the offence didn’t do anything either. Lotulelei is the #1 rated DT, he able to shed blockers as well soak up double teams allowing pressure from the outside to come at the QB.

3. Oakland Raiders

Bjoern Werner, DE, Florida State

The Raiders may look at Tyler Wilson here but they need to add to their defence which has been horrendous this season. The Raiders have Crawford, Houston, Shaughnessy and Tollefson, which couldn’t create any pressure or stop the run, Werner who was superb for FSU was able to come off the edge and get to the QB which they Raiders need going against Manning, Rivers.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

Whoever is the Quarterback for the Eagles, needs to stay upright which wasn’t the case last season, Chip Kelly may have consider a Quarterback here but may not see the value taking one at no.4, they take the best tackle in the draft in Joeckel. Foles may get a shot a the starting job for this year to show what he can do for 16 games, Vick will most likely be cut.

5. Detroit Lions

Moore, DE, Texas A&M

Going against Cutler, Rodgers 4 times a season, you need to get to the QB and sack him, with Avril likely to leave FA, VDB getting older and may not return because of cap issues, the Lions continue to rebuild the defensive line by adding Moore, with a deep CB class they look at one in the second round which so badly needs upgrading.

6. Cleveland Browns

Jarvis Jones, DE/LB, Georgia

The Browns may go 3-4 or stay 4-3 depending on what Horton decides, Jarvis Jones could be the perfect fit for the Browns with Jones playing multiple fronts to free him up to get to the Quarterback, Browns could look at other positions i.e Quarterback but they take Jarvis Jones.

7. Arizona Cardinals

Eric Fisher, OT, CMU

One guy who has shot up draft boards is Eric Fisher, who has had a superb Senior Bowl show casing his talents against some of the best pass rushers during the week and showing that he is Left Tackle at the next level. Cardinals need to rebuild that offensive line, it doesn’t matter who is at Quarterback, if he isn’t able to stay up right or have enough time he going to struggle.

8. Buffalo Bills

Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas

Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t the long term answer, even with a long term deal signed with the Bills. The Bills love the SEC, why not get their Quarterback from that Conference. Wilson possibly could go no.1. Wilson has struggled at times but if he able to sit a year behind Fitzpatrick, he could be the QB the Bills have been looking for so long.

9. New York Jets

Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU

The Jets pass rush is awful, they couldn’t get to the Quarterback, Bart Scott, Calvin Pace aren’t get any younger. Mingo will be a perfect fit for the Jets. They look at a OT but with the defence needing a face lift Mingo is the guy they take who they take.

10. Tennessee Titans

Richardson, DT, Missouri

The Titans need to get a consistent pass rush, Richardson who improved greatly this pass season for Missouri, a guy who can play inside and outside on the defensive line with a constant high motor Richardson could solve some of those problems.

11. San Diego Chargers

Chance Warmack, OG, Alabama

San Diego Offensive line is awful, needs badly upgrading, McCoy who was the OC at Broncos had one of the better O-Lines to work with, Warmack was a stand out player at Alabama and considered many to be the best guard in the draft.

12. Miami Dolphins

Keenan Allen, WR

Keenan Allen

Tannehill is the franchise Quarterback for the Dolphins, they need to surround Tannehill with weapons to help him progress in Y2, the Dolphins may look at a WR in free agency but add another in the draft, Allen has had a superb season for California, with him being the main down field threat for the Bears.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

DeMarcus Milliner,CB, Alabama

Rhonde Barber is turning 38 years old, even with a improved DL. The Bucs continued to have shootouts during the season, Eric Wright was signed via FA and drafting Mark Barron last year they get better by adding Milliner who has been a stand out player at Alabama and a former team mate of Barron.

14. Carolina Panther

Johnathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

The Panthers have struggled big time on the defence  especially on the defensive front. Last few years the Panthers have struggled selecting high quality Defensive tackles, with McClain getting cut last season, but Panthers need to stop the run especially in a division where teams like to run it.

15. New Orleans Saints

Sam Montgomery

Last night it was reported that the Saints will be switch to a 3-4 defence after playing 4-3 for a number of years, Montgomery would be a conversion guy to 3-4 OLB where I think its his best position is in the NFL.

16. St.Louis Rams

Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma

A former TE, turned Quarterback turned OT, he has been outstanding at the Senior Bowl, with 1st of two picks in the first round they take LT of the future with Fisher improving the offensive line that so badly needs upgrading.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers

Arthur Brown, ILB, Kansas State


Steelers ILB are getting old, they need to begin the process of rebuilding the LB group, Brown was unable to participate at the Senior Bowl due to injury, Brown is a very good player who can move sideline to sideline, playing against spread formations on a weekly basis has allowed Brown to develop his skills in coverage.

18. Dallas Cowboys

Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

Dallas will be switching to the 4-3 defence, with Monte Kiffin at the helm, with Ware on one side who they will  try to use in different ways and most likely keep him standing up where he has been so effective, Jordan is a guy who could start opposite Ware with his speed.

19. New York Giants

Ezekiel Ansah, DE

A freak of a athlete, Ansah has been shown up at times at the Senior Bowl but watching games of his he has been remarkable a very raw but gifted athlete, he is able to go to a team who loves adding defensive line learning from the likes of JPP, Osi, Ansah could sit a year and become a situational guy for the Giants in Y1.

20. Chicago Bears

Barret Jones, C, Alabama

Cutler is banging on the Bears war room and asking for a offensive lineman to be taken because he can’t take the sacks any more, and they finally listen to him and take Jones who can play different positions on the Offensive Line, Jones who played guard also at Alabama.

21. Cincinnati Bengals

Xavier Rhodes, CB, FSU

Bengals secondary needs improving, with Newman and Hall the starting Cornerbacks. Rhodes will be a massive upgrade for the Bengals after losing Jonathan Joseph to the Texans a season earlier.

22. St.Louis Rams

DeAndre Hopkins, WR, Clemson


St Louis Rams took a LT of the future with their first round pick, with their second they take Hopkins who played big time against the likes of South Carolina, LSU, giving Bradford another weapon to throw to on the outside with Quick still developing as a route runner, Hopkins is more polished who has speed down field.

23. Minnesota Vikings

Cordarrelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

Ponder had two people to throw to last year either it was Peterson or Rudolph, and Harvin getting injured so early in the season and he may not be back next season. If the Vikings want Ponder to progress they take Patterson who played 1 full year at the FBS level but showed his talent for Tennessee totalling 1,858 all-purpose yards.

24. Indianapolis Colts

Jonathan Cooper, OG, North Carolina

Colts could look at a defensive player here with them in Y2 of the 3-4 defence but with the depth of this defensive class, they will be able to find guys in the later rounds. Most importantly they need to improve the line, Cooper is a plug and play guy who could start right away for the Colts.

25. Seattle Seahawks

Terrance Williams, WR, Baylor

Russell Wilson was superb as a rookie, who won the job over Flynn in preseason, as the season progressed you could tell why he won the job.Wilson is able to move out the pocket and make plays, Williams is a guy who has speed and is able to get open giving Wilson another target outside of Baldwin, Rice.

26. Green Bay Packers

Shariff Floyd, DT/DE, Florida

Packers need to add quickness to the defensive front, Floyd who can play inside and outside with his more natural position being inside but a guy who could play in the 3-4 D as the Packers rarely using base defence at times with the him and Raji bringing the pressure as the two down lineman.

27. Houston Texans

Quinton Patton, WR, Lousiana Tech

Outside of Andre Johnson, Schaub had no one down field to throw the ball to and forced the ball to Johnson one two many times, Patton who has risen up draft boards and has had a excellent Senior bowl will allow Schaub to throw someone not named Johnson, also it will free up Johnson at times as he won’t be tripled team most times.

28. Denver Broncos

Jonathan Banks, CB, MSU

Champ Bailey is 38 years old, will be returning for another season during the playoff game against the Ravens, Torrey Smith burn’t Bailey virtually every time he was lined up against him, Broncos need to continue to get younger at the back end, Banks who had 15 INT for Mississippi State during the regular season, is a player who likes to go after the ball.

29. New England Patriots

Datone Jones – DT/DE – UCLA

Donte Jones

The Patriots who struggled to to get generate any pass rush last season, need to improve on that, Jones is a type of player Belichick would love to have a hybrid guy who can play 4-3, 3-4 depending on where you line him up who improved massively this season at UCLA, he has the quickness to shed blockers and get into the backfield, during Senior Bowl week he was a nightmare during the 1 on 1 drills.

30. Atlanta Falcons

Alex Okafor, DE, Texas

Ray Edwards was cut earlier in the season, Abraham isn’t getting younger playing at DE, Okafor who was had a inconsistent start to the season for Texas but got much better in the back-end of the season. Okafor who likes to bull rush the OT did a good job of it this week during the Senior Bowl, would be a perfect fir for Mike Nolan who has improved the defence big time.

31. San Francisco 49ers

Jon Jenkins, NT, Georgia

The 49ers don’t have many needs but may consider getting younger on the defensive line, Justin Smith was bringing all the pressure, Jenkins who is very quick and big can generate pressure in the inside, teams in the SEC struggled at times to block him, learning from the likes of Smith, who could help improve his game.

32. Baltimore Ravens

Manti Te’o, MLB, Notre Dame

Ray Lewis retires end of this season weather he wins or loses the Superbowl, and the Ravens will begin the process of finding a replacement, Te’o issues shouldn’t bother many teams but the story just continues to get stranger, Te’o who had 7 INT for Notre Dame MLB, he may not be the quickest guy but is able to get create plays and was the leading tackler for Notre Dame for the last two seasons.

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  • jamie Jamie says:

    Hello Junaid,great assessment. I agree that Te’o will still go in the 1st round it just means a good player will end up at a good team and not at somewhere awful. The Pats pick of Jones is good-we have to draft well on defence again