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Fantasy football games in week 5 were thrown into chaos by a stat correction turning a Rashard Mendenhall run for a touchdown into a Ben Roethlisberger pass affecting both players and changing over 30,000 matchups. Now a change of this magnitude is rare but fantasy owners who have lost due to it cannot complain because if all was fair then they would have lost from Monday anyway and at some point it may come back to even out later in the season. Anyway looking forward to week 6 we have four teams once again on a bye so if you’re looking for sneaky starts in their place then I hope I can help you out.



Christian Ponder @ Washington Redskins

Christian Ponder

Washington’s secondary have been really poor this season and they are giving up an average of over 10 yards a play to the tight end. Ponder has a great wideout in Harvin and a up and coming tight end in Rudolph who he will get plenty of chance to get the ball to for a big production this week.

Andy Dalton @ Cleveland Browns

Joe Haden is back this week and while that will sure up the Cleveland secondary a little bit but it probably won’t be enough for the Browns to keep Dalton quiet. With Green, Gresham, Hawkins, Binns and Tate as targets he will still be able to throw all over this secondary which has been horrific especially now the Bengals have a limited run game with Bernard Scott going on the IR.

Josh Freeman vs Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs have been leaking points to QB’s this season and even though the Buccaneers are a run first team there is still going to be plenty of opportunities for Freeman to throw the ball up for Jackson and Williams. Only worry would be if the Bucs get up early and start running clock from a early point in the game.

In Reserve

Matt Stafford @ Philadelphia Eagles

Calvin Johnson & Matt Stafford

The Eagles have been strong against triggermen this year and Stafford has been off form so far. With Detroit coming off a bye week they will be well rested and well prepared for the Eagles but there may also be a little bit of rust. Unless the Eagles get up then this could be a ground and pound game with the Eagles weakness this year being against the run not the pass.

Tony Romo @ Baltimore Ravens

I don’t like any QB going up against the Ravens defence especially one that went away from home and strangled an offence last week. Charles was strong against this D last week and Murray could be used heavily especially if Romo and his receivers aren’t on the same page after the bye week as more interceptions could ensue.

Aaron Rodgers @ Houston Texans

This is not exactly me telling you to sit Rodgers but it is me saying that the Texans have been really tough on QB’s this year and Rodgers has been off key under pressure at times so far. If you have a good back up like Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers they are well worth looking into starting in my opinion.

Running back


Vick Ballard @ New York Jets

The Jets were gashed by the run once again last week and while I do realise Ballard is not anywhere near as good as Arian Foster he is still in for a good day here with Donald Brown out and a weak run defence. Ballard is going to be desperate to show everyone that he can be the #1 back for the Colts even once Brown comes back and I think he has a good game in both the pass and run game.

Michael Turner vs Oakland Raiders

Turner has been revitalised in the past couple of weeks and against the Raiders I do not see that stopping. Jacquizz Rodgers is still looking over his shoulder waiting to take over the reins and that seems to be inspiring Turner who at one stage was hitting waiver wires. Get him in your starting line-up this week and ride his hot streak until it ends.

LaRod Stephens-Howling vs Buffalo Bills

Two weeks ago the Patriots gashed the Bills defence for 250 yards on the ground and last week the 49ers went for over 300! With Williams going on the IR Stephens-Howling is the #1 back in Arizona now and you can expect him to have a good day.

In Reserve

Ahmad Bradshaw @ San Francisco 49ers

Ahmad Bradshaw

Coming off the back of his superb 200 yard with TD running game against the Browns most people will have Bradshaw as a must start in their team but this match-up makes him quite the opposite in my opinion. The 49ers are very tough on the run game shutting down everyone they have come up against so far and that is likely to happen once again.

Alfred Morris vs Minnesota Vikings

Morris has been superb this year and is in the talk at the moment for rookie of the year but this week he comes up against a great run defence who shut down the Lions and the Titans run games with them coming off big weeks and that is exactly how Morris enter this week.

Steven Ridley @ Seattle Seahawks

Ridley has looked great this year unfortunately he has also had a couple of fumbles and Bill Belichick doesn’t like people who put the ball down on the ground and Ridley does have a history. He will likely get the start this week but beware the newly named Belitricks with Vereen and Bolden waiting in the wings.

Wide Receiver


Percy Harvin @ Washington Redskins

Coming off a great week Harvin gets a soft match up to show people he is the most all round player in the NFL at the moment. If you own him in leagues with kick return yards he becomes the most valuable player you have for sure. Ride him hard while he is playing like this and I hope that injury doesn’t come to blight him in his contract year.

Sidney Rice vs New England Patriots

Rice has been a hit and miss fantasy player this year but against a Patriots secondary that still has its issues in a game that is destined to be a real shoot out he is a player that can really put some big points on the board for your fantasy teams this week.

Andrew Hawkins @ Cleveland Browns

Yes there are plenty of options for Any Dalton to fling the ball to and that makes playing any of them risky each week but Hawkins is not a risk in my opinion. Being a kick returner he is great in the open field and he can do wonders with just one or two receptions if he can find open field.

In Reserve

Brian Hartline vs St. Louis Rams

Hartline has emerged as Tannehill’s clear number 1 target this year and his fantasy owners have reaped the rewards of it but this week is not going to be one that fantasy owners will enjoy as much. The Rams secondary is really strong this year and their pass rush is very good as well. This game will be won on the ground if the Dolphins are to get the W.

Greg Jennings @ Houston Texans

Greg Jennings

Coming off an injury playing one of the best defences in the NFL do you like those odds?  I don’t and I have a feeling that if Jennings plays he is going to be a decoy who catches a couple of short balls but mainly he is going to be there to take attention away from Jones and Nelson. He is worth leaving on the bench if you have a reliable alternative.

Torrey Smith vs Dallas Cowboys

Ignoring last week’s snore fest for a second Smith has been inspired recently and after the tragedy he and his family have suffered who could begrudge him that. This week however against a very good secondary backed up by a great pass rush the Ravens are not going to have much shot at the deep ball in my opinion. This game is going to be short passes and hard running by Ray Rice.

Tight End


Kyle Rudolph @ Washington Redskins

The Redskins are giving up clumps of yards against the tight end this year and I really don’t see that changing this week. Rudolph is a good tight end and after struggling a little in a good matchup last week I expect Rudolph to put his hands up and be a be counted this week. Get him in your line-up.

Brent Celek vs Detroit Lions

Celek has been relatively inconsistent this year but with Vick struggling and the Lions being weak against the tight end this could be the week having hi really pays off for fantasy owners. Eventually Vick is going to realise that he needs a short dump off target and if he does this week Celek could put up huge numbers in this match up.

Fred Davis vs Minnesota Vikings

This game could be decided by which tight end has the better day and while fantasy owners may be worried for Davis because of the current QB situation but whoever is QB this week is going to be looking for Davis. With a large number of targets in this match up Davis could put up really good numbers for fantasy owner this week.

In Reserve

Jermaine Gresham @ Cleveland Browns

Gresham will likely be an after though for the Bengals this week. They have so many good match ups at receiver that chances are Gresham plays decoy or blocks to give Dalton more time to get the ball to Green over the top of the defence.

Anthony Fasano vs St. Louis Rams

As I said when talking about Hartline this game will be won on the ground. Not only at Rams good vs WR but they are strong against the tight end as well. Fasano isn’t a great tight end and if your thinking of starting him I would say pick an alternative.

Rob Gronkowski @ Seattle Seahawks

Rob Gronkowski

Same as with Aaron Rodgers this is more of a warning shot to fantasy owners. Chances are if you drafted Gronk you didn’t take another quality tight end but if you did this is the time to maybe risk sitting him. He is still struggling with injury, Hernandez may be back and the Seahawks have a very good defence. Could be kept in to block a lot especially if Hernandez is around.

As always you can contact me @brolfe1507 or @1amsports if you want advice on a player not here or you want to compare one of my suggestions to someone else I’ve not mentioned.

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