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Yep, it’s that time of year again, the time many are looking forward to being able to run around trick or treating with various masks on and going back to retire to the sofa for a few hours watching numerous scary movies, the kids like it too, apparently. Though, it also signifies the long awaited return of the NBA season.

On opening night there are 3 match-ups, Wizards – Cavaliers, Celtics – Heat & Lakers – Mavericks. Our first look at the reigning Champions with Ray Allen and the new look LA Lakers, with their latest additions of Nash & DH12.

Cavaliers – Wizards

The official tip-off to the NBA season starts in Cleveland tonight at 11pm (BST). Whilst clearly overshadowed by other match-ups tonight it will once again give us all the chance to see Kyrie Irving at work and see whether he really has the ability to push this heavily inexperienced franchise onto the next level. John Wall will not feature in this encounter as he is still out with a knee injury.

Kyrie Irving

Prediction: The Cavs showed glimpses of quality last year, mainly down to Irving, they should better 21 wins this season but won’t be about once the regular season finishes, though they will get their 1st win tonight.

Celtics – Heat

The first of 2 heavyweight battles on opening night recreates last years Eastern Conference finals in Miami. As if there was any need to spark any extra rivalry in this encounter the move of Ray Allen to the Heat from the Celtics is sure to add fuel to the fire. The Heat also want to prove that last years Championship isn’t going to be a one-off, with LeBron, Bosh, Wade & now Allen not too many will doubt them.

LeBron & Wade

Prediction: In all honesty this looks like a Heat win, the Celtics have age catching up with them and I’m still not completely convinced that Pierce can keep up with LeBron & the Celtics keep up in general with a healthy big-3 tonight.

Lakers – Mavericks

It’s finally here, after all the off-season talk, all the rumours, we are finally going to see Dwight Howard in a Lakers jersey and see if this is the beginning of Showtime V2, there is also the small addition of Nash as Point Guard to this franchise. The Mavs will be feeling the loss of their superstar in Dirk Nowitzki as he recovers from knee surgery. The health of the Lakers has also been questioned, with Kobe’s strained foot and Howard himself only getting brief playing time in pre-season.

Dwight Howard

Prediction: Even factoring the Lakers injury concerns this will be a Lakers win, the Mavs will once again be playing catch-up this year until they can get Dirk fully fit and back into the side, rookie Jae Crowder may provide some excitement but it will not be enough.

Where to watch?

There is no TV deal in place in the UK as of writing this (there are talks of an announcement later today), though for a selected time only you will be able to get a free trial of NBATV (the NBA’s equivalent to GamePass) just remember to cancel your subscription before end of play on the 7th if you are not looking to pay for the whole year.

Don’t miss game:┬áHeat – Celtics (tip-off @ midnight).

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