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After our less than great attempts to pick the wildcard winners, we’ll see if we can predict the outcome of the Divisional Series with more success!

Last night saw the 1st ever wildcard round of MLB playoffs and though some feel it’s not really the playoffs, it certainly had a playoff feel about it. The defending champion Cardinals beat the Atlanta Braves 6-3, which included a very debatable infield fly call from the 3rd base umpire as it was not only a late call, but the ball was hit fairly deep – with people labelling it the ‘outfield fly’ rule. The other team in last years World Series, the Texas Rangers, were shut down by a Baltimore team that keeps finding ways to win. The game ended 5-1, but the Rangers had the tying run at the plate with the bases loaded to end the game – Baltimore continue to surprise people.

Miguel Cabrera

The first Divisional Series sees the other surprise of the season, the Oakland Athletics, travel to the AL Central winning Detroit Tigers and their triple-crown winning Miguel Cabrera. Much was expected of Detroit going into the season with their big off-season acquisition Prince Fielder and though the season didn’t go exactly as planned, they made it to the playoffs.

Kurt – Oakland Athletics in 5

Both teams starting pitching is very good, I just feel Oakland have a few more playmakers. That with homefield advantage should be enough, just.

Ben – Oakland Athletics in 4

I’m going Oakland in 4. They’re on a winning streak and riding the crest of a wave right now and I think their momentum keeps going.

The other ALDS matchup sees an AL East clash between the rival Yankees and Orioles. The teams split the series 9-9 in the regular season and finished only 2 wins apart to end the season. It went down to the very last day of the season to decide which one of these would win the division crown.

Ben – New York Yankees in 5

Yankees in 5. AL East matchup will be tough, but the Yankees have enough talent on their roster to overcome the Orioles.

Kurt – New York Yankees in 5

I agree with Ben, the Yankees in 5. The Os have power and a great bullpen. But the Yankee starting pitching is better and no team can compare with their power, especially in Yankee stadium.

Like in the AL, the National League sees the Central and West winners face off with the Cincinnati Reds taking on the 2010 World Series champion San Francisco Giants. The teams played 7 times in the regular season, Cincinnati winning the season series 4-3.

Kurt – Cincinnati Reds in 4

I think San Fran’s pitching is very good, but the Reds is up there with the best. Cincinnati also have the home advantage and better offense, so I think they take it in 4.

Ben – San Francisco Giants in 5

I’m going to go for the upset, with the Giants beating the Reds in 5. I feel they have the superior pitching staff and that will be enough to make it to the NLCS.

Again, like in the American League, the NL #1 seed is from the East in the form of the Washington Nationals and they face off against the reigning champion St. Louis Cardinals who won the 1st NL wildcard game.

Ben – Washington Nationals in 4

The Nationals in 4. They are so much better than the Cardinals who may not even be here were it not for a botched call at a crucial point in the game against the Braves.

Kurt – Washington Nationals in 4

I’m with Ben, Nationals in 4. The Nationals are just as good as, if not better than, the Cards in pretty much every aspect of the game. I can see the Cards winning 1 at home, but that’s it.

So there’s our predictions for the Divisional Series round in the MLB playoffs. There’s some very good matchups as you would expect in the playoffs and hopefully we have better luck than we did picking the wildcard outcomes!

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